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About Onlimey

Web Designer Based in Cambridge

About Onlimey

Specialist in the Magento platform.

Onlimey Ltd is a small web based company situated in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Currently the team consists of just me (Harri Owen). Having a passion for web design ever since dial up became widely available I have browsed the web and watched it quickly evolve across many years.

Starting with my early websites consisting of mainly HTML & CSS I began to learn more and more about the ins and outs of web design and creating beautiful websites.

During my later teen years my passion remained in conputers although I studied Economics at the Univeristy of Leeds I did addtional modules in programming and IT.

Upon leaving University I strived to get further back into web development where I started making websites again. This time focussing on PHP and creating a Plugin site for Propellerheads Reason where users could share and download free configurations for various synths bundled in with Reason. Work however took me to Microsoft Dynamics for a couple months where I customised an instance to fit the Businesses needs.

Magento then came along.

The web and languages used has quickly evolved and continues to progress however I have strived to keep up using the latest advances in web technologies to products cutting edge websites. After a few years of developing with PHP to create various custom applications for a range of clients I have now focussed primarily on eCommerce specifically Magento stores.

After creating around 10 online stores across the Magento 1 platform I have picked up Magento 2 and created a few more stores gaining confidents and expertise in the platform. I have now decided to start this little venture to help improve and potential customers online prescence with low cost eCommerce solutions that aim to be fast, beatiful, feature rich and easily upgradeable.

I create free modules on GitHub aswell as contribute on the Magento Stack Exchange where I can to help where i can and be helped by other Magento developers.

Magento Ecommerce Specialist


Stunning website, am incredibly happy will be using Onlimey for my next web site. Highly recommended.

Jamie Roberts

Website looks fantastic and Harri has been on hand for assistance each time I needed help. Thanks Onlimey.


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