Magento 1 vs Magento 2

Pros and cons for Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Magento 1 vs Magento 2

Pros and cons for Magento 1 and Magneto 2.

I have been asked this a lot recently, many users are slightly unsure of Magento 2 and migrating / starting a new store and which option to go ahead with. I was afraid to make the jump for a year or two after the initial release due to the need to re learn many aspects of how the system works and how to customise it.

Right now, there are pros and cons to either approach however I feel it’s starting to tip towards Magneto 2 as time goes on and later versions are released. Magneto 1 is remaining stagnant right now with support for security patches ending at the end of 2018. Many developers have moved across to the Magento 2 platform to develop modules as modules are saturated and more opportunities are there to be had with the new platform. This is a robust system however, I rarely come across any bugs anymore and there are tons of modules and extensions to choose from to add majority of functionality very quickly and easily.

Magento 2 on the other hand you do come across bugs reasonably often unfortunately. Bugs can be a pain however I've not come across any yet that have stopped me in my tracks. Modules are scarcer however are coming along quickly now. There is a thriving community over at Magento stack exchange and GitHub that is working solidly each day to fix and workaround these issues. The more we use the software the less bugs and more modules will be available to choose from.

On balance l believe if you want a new store or need to update your old store now is the time to choose Magento 2. There is a data migration tool available to help with the moving of your products and categories to within the new platform leaving only a new theme to revamp your new online store. Magneto 2 is currently on its 3rd Major release (V2.2) and working through minor releases monthly to improve stability, features, performance and security.